A quote from a member

Connie passed along this lovely message from one of our members about what the farm has done for her and her family.    I thought I’d share it will all of you as a meditation on what is to come.


I have enjoyed being a member of one of our local CSA farms for a few years now. I love the way it has made me feel more connected to the beautiful landscape of Plymouth County. It has heightened my awareness of the rhythms of the seasons, and now I REALLY look forward to spring time! It has made me more conscious about what I eat, and how my food is grown.  I pick up my farm fresh produce in a simple wooden box, and I can no longer ignore just how much supermarket food is packaged and presented, hidden behind plastic wrappings or Styrofoam or cardboard containers, and how much trash that generates. Most of all, I enjoy talking to the farmers and growers of my food, and other farm shareholders. We are excited by what happens each day at the farm, and enjoy the camaraderie of sharing the pleasures of the smell of the earth and barnyard, a sunny summer day, or the concerns about the impact on the plants because of a rainy week.  We also enjoy swapping recipes, using our seasonal ingredients from the farm.

Being part of a local CSA farm has cured me of my romantic notions about becoming a farmer myself – the work is extremely difficult and demanding, and I greatly admire people who chose this way of life. However, I believe I get the next best thing: companionship of people who deeply value the tremendous gifts of nature; enjoyment of open fields and fresh air; the indescribably delicious fragile spring vegetables; the unusual lettuces, wild greens and herbs; eggs with sunny yellow-orange yolks; a fully vine ripened tomato, and the wonderful nourishment of body and soul that all this provides.

2 thoughts on “A quote from a member

    • Hi Joan –
      In response to your comment…
      Send an e-mail to Connie Maribett (Farm Manager) at cmaribett@newenglandvillage.org stating your interest.
      You can ask her any other questions and she will add you to the list to let you know what is going on for next year. Some minor changes will be taking place with the CSA.
      Happy to hear of your interest!

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