Egg-cellent Chickens and Eggs

At Monday night’s South Shore Locavores meeting “Egg-cellent Chickens and Eggs” at the Beal House in Kingston, sponsored by the Kingston Public Library and Edible South Shore, Connie joined a panel of folks who raise chickens.

There was a presentation from Rui Santos, whose family raised chickens in Kingston; meat birds as well as laying hens from 1941 until the 1990’s.  Now his daughter lives on the property and he is growing veggies there and his grandchildren are keeping him busy with requests for shelters to house their growing collection of pet farm animals.

Connie spoke about the Colchester Neighborhood Farm EGG SHARE.

Vanessa Verkade of Kingston told of her experience with her half to a dozen egg laying hens as pets.  She also shared some info about zoning requirements and neighbor’s concerns in regards to raising chickens in your back yard…can you believe it, some neighbors do not like the sound of the rooster…some towns even have ordinances against the poor guys!

Allison Nightingale and Earl Matthews from Hilltop Farm in Westport, who raise Ameraucana laying hens, in conjunction with a program out of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, also spoke. 

Connie won one of the raffle prizes which is a book…  “VEGETABLE HARVEST: Vegetables at the Center of the Plate” by Patricia Wells, author of “The Paris Cookbook”.  It contains fabulous color photographs of veggies, some very interesting looking recipes, lots of info on pairing food with the appropriate wine, and bits and pieces of French sayings, idioms and folk lore… lots-a fun!

Once Connie has had a chance to take a peek at it (maybe Chef Carol will try out some of the recipes this winter), the book will become part of the Colchester Lending Library.

An example below…


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