Vote for “Goat 4 Sale”

This was sent to us from Beth who raises goats and whose goats most of our goats are related to.

I hope this gets enough votes to be Dorito’s Super Bowl ad.  It’s so funny.  I go vote every day and get a laugh out of it to start my day with a smile.

The explanation below is from Elaine who owns 4 of the goats who reside at Colchester Neighborhood Farm!

Hahahahaha!!  She looks like my Zoe, and who is my crazy eater!  The funniest part to me that most people don’t know is – goats really do love Doritos (corn chips)!  And while that was a dubbed human voice, some goats really do yell just about like that!  So I think it’s twice as hilarious as it’s just about true!!! 

Click –> Goat 4 Sale

Go ahead… vote early and often!

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