Ten Little Known…and Fun Facts About Kale

Here’s the dish on this superfood


By now, we are all aware that kale is part of that elite group of superfoods, defined by Oxford Dictionary as, “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.” But that doesn’t mean we know everything there is to know about this all-powerful and mighty leafy green vegetable, so full of essential nutrients that we consume it every chance we get, from putting it in our morning smoothie to crunching on kale chips throughout the day as a way to feed our need for snacking to using it in our desserts for guiltless pleasure. Yes, I said desserts.  Here are a few fun facts to keep in mind the next time you visit your local farm stand and ponder which vegetables to purchase.

From the websites, foodmatters.tv, nationalkaleday.org,  and webmd.com, I give you the following fascinating facts about kale.

  1. Move over oranges…kale has more Vitamin C than you.
  2. Exactly who is eating kale? Well, according to Green Heritage News, Angelina Jolie, Woody Harrelson, and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few of the stars who crunch on the leafy green as a way to maintain their sleek physiques. Celebrities Katy Perry and Jessica Alba have also been linked to the superfood.
  3. A kale plant continues to produce late into winter and after a frost, it becomes sweeter.
  4. Turn that frown upside down. Kale is an amazing source of carotenoids, which are linked to one’s level of optimism.
  5. Thomas Jefferson was way ahead of his time when he experimented with the superfood by planting several varieties of kale in his garden in the early 1800s.
  6. One cup of chopped raw kale provides more than 100 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamins A and K.
  7. It’s older than Moses…well, almost. People have been growing this leafy green for more than 2,000 years. Though it arrived in the United States in the 17th century, it dates back to the Roman times and Middle ages.
  8. Carrots aren’t the only vegetable that help us see things clearly. Kale contains lutein which helps to keep eyes and vision healthy.
  9. Lactose intolerant? One serving of kale has more absorbable calcium than a small carton of milk.
  10. Kale is on the list of foods that you should purchase as organic because the non-organic variety tends to have pesticides.

Some have suggested that kale’s 15 minutes of fame may be over, but according to the website, foodmatters.tv as well as others, that theory is just nonsense. Farmers at organic farms like Colchester Neighborhood Farm are selling the leafy green vegetable as fast as they can pick it. So stop by Colchester Neighborhood Farm and get your serving of this superfood.



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