Fresh from the farm is an experience

Fresh from the farm is an experience

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables from a local farm stand not only demonstrates healthy eating habits to children, it can teach them the value of supporting local agriculture. If we’re lucky, the trip to the farm can result in a few cherished memories. There is no denying that tomatoes or lettuce picked the same day  taste better than the produce purchased from the grocery store. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of harvesting food from a backyard garden rather than a refrigerator, you will agree that the “chore” itself could be as fun as the food was tasty. I remember picking vegetables with my grandfather; he taught me how to choose the ripest and sweetest tomatoes and how to determine when peppers were ready to be picked. Even sweeter than those tomatoes are the memories of the experience that I still carry with me today.


By today’s standards, however, we are not always as diligent about taking time to smell the roses…or as the case may be, the basil. In our rush to complete all of our errands, making a special trip to a local farm, exclusively for the purpose of buying cucumbers and tomatoes, can seem like an added chore and one that could easily be eliminated, if we just purchased our produce at the local grocery store, along with all of the other items on our list. But sometimes, these everyday chores are the same ones that create an experience and in the process, a lasting memory, for children and parents, alike. If we eliminate these so-called chores, we may be denying ourselves and our children the pleasure of true, quality time spent together.


When you buy your fruits and vegetables from Colchester Neighborhood Farm, consider blocking out an extra 15 minutes or 30 minutes for the “chore” because it could easily turn into a fun and wonderful experience. Colchester Neighborhood Farm is a social enterprise in every sense of the word. Employing adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities who are more than happy to wait on their customers at the farm stand, they are also eager to show off their farm, which includes chickens, a friendly donkey named Dapple, and some goats and their babies…yes the kids love the kids! A visit to Colchester Neighborhood Farm is more than just buying fresh fruits and vegetables, it is an opportunity for our children to learn about agriculture, to see how their food is grown and where it comes from. And going home with a few good memories along with some fresh tomatoes, organically grown cucumbers, and a bouquet of fresh flowers isn’t bad either.

In The News: The Goatscaping Company

How goats are boldly going where no one has gone before…

Elaine Philbrick and Jim Cormier made the news with their local business, The Goatscaping Company, which keeps their herd of goats at Colchester Neighborhood Farm.  The story behind the business, some great photos, and even a video!

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A Celebration of Spring for All Ages

On Saturday May 4th, we celebrated spring by reconnecting with the land and community through planting, sharing a meal, and expressing gratitude for earth’s renewal.  There was a wonderful turnout of friends and volunteers to see the progress and changes that have occurred over the last year at Colchester Neighborhood Farm.

Activities included planting, potluck lunch, visiting with our young cashmere goat kids and the other animals, creating clay art projects, growing a sunflower project, getting away from it all by taking a quiet walk through our labyrinth, Kerrie tending to her new hive of honey bees, and a perennial plant share.

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The Goatscaping Company

Volunteers Elaine and Jim have created their own company… using their alpines that live at Colchester.

Their tagline for “The Goatscaping Company” is:

Goatscaping is just what it sounds like!
Why wreck equipment, risk injuries or blast your brush with chemicals when nimble adorable goats can do all the work for you?


We strive to provide the simplest turn-key goat clearing you’ll find!  Our goat-wranglers will make sure your clearing project goes ahead quickly and efficiently.  Goatscaping means a green and fun solution to managing invasives, tough inclines, poison ivy, woody brush and overgrown areas.


Let us convince you that goatscaping is effective and customizable to any job or space.  Our goats are lively and personable.  We understand the aesthetic needs of your business, club or community.  Goatscaping is green and draws interest!

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How to Keep Warm…

Keep movin’!!!… Might you know someone who would be interested in volunteering?

We are looking for  help with animal feeding several days per week… it is about a 20 minute commitment – unless, of course, you wish to stay longer to play.  It’s a simple feeding of giving grain and hay, along with water, to six goats and one sheep.

We are especially in need during February vacation… Monday and Friday afternoon/evening.

Other times that would be helpful  are Monday mornings… anytime from day break to 10:00 AM (sunrise is often spectacular at the farm – what a gift!) and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon/evenings – anytime after 4:00 PM.

We frequently have the great fortune to observe stunning moon rises and sunsets during afternoon feeding time.

Training available!

Contact Connie by e-mail at or cell 781-588-4255.