A Celebration of Spring for All Ages

On Saturday May 4th, we celebrated spring by reconnecting with the land and community through planting, sharing a meal, and expressing gratitude for earth’s renewal.  There was a wonderful turnout of friends and volunteers to see the progress and changes that have occurred over the last year at Colchester Neighborhood Farm.

Activities included planting, potluck lunch, visiting with our young cashmere goat kids and the other animals, creating clay art projects, growing a sunflower project, getting away from it all by taking a quiet walk through our labyrinth, Kerrie tending to her new hive of honey bees, and a perennial plant share.

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Annual Harvest Gathering for CSA Members & Supporters

On Sunday, October 21st, Colchester Neighborhood Farm held its Annual Harvest Gathering Open House.  There was a wonderful turnout of CSA Members and Supporters.

The Open House included a Potluck Lunch of favorite dishes for sharing.   There was also Tours, Yoga in the Field, a Cooking Demo, Donor and Supporter Recognition, a Beekeeping Presentation, & more…  Hayrides and Music were ongoing throughout the day!!

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Geography Class Visits CNF

Member James writes about his own blog:

Thanks for hosting my students yesterday and talking with them about the work and thought involved in the farm.  As you can tell, this was a very engaged group, some of them with more than the usual amount of experience with these issues.

 James wrote up the visit at http://bsc-geography.blogspot.com/2012/07/back-to-fields.html

Be sure to click the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/jhayesboh/sets/72157630783276616/ to view more photos on Flickr.

Meat Birds Available

Our neighboring farmer, Ken Roberts, has meat birds available for you to finish or ready for table… contact him to find out more…

mailto: ken@itpainrelief.com

It’s Springtime at CNF :-)

Sheep & Chickens win big at The Barnstable County Fair

Lynda packed up the show sheep, along with a dozen or so chickens, and headed to The Barnstable County Fair in East Famouth.  The fair ran for 8 days beginning July 16th and during that time her sheep and chickens (oh, and Connie’s chickens, too!) won top prizes in various categories.  Lynda’s Hampshire yearling Zoe won best Hampshire ewe while her ram JFK won best ram.  The contest was then on to see who would win best Hampshire and ultimatly Zoe came out on top.

As for the chickens, one of Lynda’s won the Champion prize for Egg Production while one of Connie’s won Champion for Best Large Fowl.  The only other Champion ribbon was for Bantams but Colchester doesn’t raise them or else it would have been a sweep!

Congratulations to both Lynda and Connie for their efforts in bringing home so many ribbons and trophies.  Here are some photos of the sheep, chickens, Lynda, and of course the bounty of ribbons in all colors but mostly… BLUE!

The Girls

We call our eggs FARM FRESH .  Our hens receive  standard feed that is free from hormones and antibiotics or medications; but it is not “organic” feed.

We wish we could free range our hens but there are too many predators on the ground as well  as in the sky (hawks) for this to be practical in our location.

All year long our hens go in and outside at will but in the spring, summer and fall they roam in their enclosure so they get their fill of digging and pecking for worms and other crawly things. During our  growing and CSA season they  receive loads of weeds pulled from our gardens as well as goodies brought from our members kitchens and gardens.