Megan’s Trip to the Farm

It’s always exciting to bring someone new to the farm so they can experience first hand what it takes to care for the animals and get a better idea of the crops and the fields where they grow.  Somehow though it’s even more refreshing to bring along someone that knows some of the stories, is familiar with a few of the animals by name, and can appreciate the hard work that goes into what makes a farm run successfully.

Last weekend CNF had a visitor from the Granite State.  Megan, currently living in New Hampshire, was visiting the home of volunteer Bruce and her dad, Bob.  Bruce and Bob were eager to take Megan to the farm as it was her first visit to CNF.  Megan was also thrilled to have the opportunity to experiment with her new Canon SLR camera.  Here’s a slideshow sampling of the over 200 photos she took during the Saturday PM feeding. Since it was a brisk day and cold time of year for a visit, Megan expressed that she can’t wait to come back in the spring and summer to see the crop fields planted and the lambs grown!  Enjoy!

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Simba Sunday: Simba’s Back!

A few weeks ago, Connie was noticing that there were little chew marks on some of the newly emerging seedlings- a sure sign of rodents.  So our resident mouse-catcher extraordinaire (and all around farm mascot)  was put back to work!  He spends the winter living the good life at Connie and Ron’s home, but now he’s back earning his keep and keeping all of our vegetables protected.

Simba in the Greenhouse

He’s at the farm now eager for attention, so come on by and give him a scratch on the head.  This means Simba Sundays will be starting back up, so if you have any pictures, feel free to send them on along to us!