And so it begins…

The first big exciting event of the new year…

There have been some smaller exciting things going on

  • hens have been laying eggs reliably all season, EGG SHARE is going well.
  • blueberry pruning has begun (join us on Saturday mornings… 10:30 to noon; call first to let us know to expect you …781-588-4255)
  • our first time at the Bridgewater and the Plymouth Winter Farmer’s Market … met up with old friends and made many new contacts
  • various repairs
  • received delivery on potting soil
  • interviewing new interns for this year

……….but this is the one we’ve been especially waiting and preparing for since the fall…..

~~~***We are expecting another birth any day and the rest of the lambs to be born between now and the end of March

Lambing season is on…..8 more ewes to give birth … looking for folks to help out with LAMB WATCH 2010

These lambs were born with no humans present but we’d really like to be there to help out if necessary and to remove the babies from being underfoot of the rest of the flock.

So we are hoping to find a few folks to come by the farm to check in late in the evening and early in the morning.

You have an opportunity to help make the birthing (lambing) process go more smoothly by allowing us to be there to make necessary preparations.

You might have a chance to see a new – born or an actual birth in progress.

You will need an orientation by Lynda to tell you what to look for and what conditions should be present for you to make a call to alert Lynda to come along and act as midwife.

Let us know if you’d like to be part of this process…

Building maintenance

On Halloween day, Ron and I were  at the farm puttering around.  Ron sensed a strong wind would be coming along soon.   We set about batting down the hatches and found that the wind was stronger and faster than we anticipated.    It tore the plastic roof right off the back greenhouse which, long ago, we had named the Equinox Green House.  All during November, the green house has been without a cover for a lot of reasons including the fact that we were sent the wrong size of the materials after ordering the correct size. 

 Ron has a friend, Tom, from his Spin Class, who shrink wraps boats for winterization.  We decided to try this method on the greenhouse and not only to do the green house, but also the entire length of the barn because the roof leaks in many places.

In early December Tom started with the green house because it is the most exposed and we don’t want the little piggies getting wet any more;  and Lynda will be bringing her pregnant ewes to live here within the next few weeks and we are expecting lambs to be born in the early spring in this space.

I was there on Monday to help, but  Tom didn’t need a hand at all.   I watched incredulously as he climbed along the pipe structure of the green house, spreading the plastic sheet, and placing it just so, so that the wind would unfurl the rest for him.  

He assured me that he does bigger  and more difficult structures than this, every day, so I should not worry.  I was keeping my eye on him as I set about my chores and was prepared to call 911,…  just in case.  Indeed, I had no cause for concern.

Within the next few days Tom completed other leaky areas of the barn roof.

The shrink wrapped roof seems to be holding its own, so far!

Yea! Thanks Tom!

Thanks to our Blueberry Pruning Team!

A warm and heartfelt thanks to everyone who braved the snow and the cold to help with the much-needed pruning of our blueberry bushes. Even with all your hard work, there is still more to be done before the first buds appear, and we will continue to work on the bushes on Saturdays from 10 to 12noon–feel free to join us!

Check out these pictures of some of our helpers at work:

Crouched down

Suzanne and Jeff