Photo Gallery

Ready for CSA member farm-box pick up

Hamshire Dam Sophie and her new lambs of the 2011 season
Yoko’s ram and ewe born 02/11/11
Our farm mascot… Dapple!
Simba keeping watch over all


Using the fire twice: burning the brush and then cooking on the coals. Lynda is tending the fire and Ron and Julie are observing.

Blue ribbons won by Lynda's sheep!


These two two hundred-plus pounders left on Sunday and were back the in freezer on Wednesday night… being sold at the Farmer’s Market on Thursday!

The fellow with the pictchfork is Vinnie, a farmer/friend from Scituate.

A five-some of spotted-faced lamb
A two-days old ewe
Simba guarding the babes.
Simba the cat
big turnip
pig trio
jerusalem artichoke
This was made by a farm member!
Nick & Jackie bringing a treat to the chickens
LaMancha goats Cole & Chester
Misty morning pigs
Alpine goats Geisha & Skylark

In the fire we had Colchester chicken, various lamb cuts including sausage and ‘taters & carrots!

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